Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let Me Count the Ways

Shit. I have really missed blogging. I was punishing myself until I got to 145. Not quite there (146---finally, again!!), but close enough.

Tall skinny iced caramel macchiatto with 2 extra shots of expresso (?100 calories)
Home made chicken "Caesar" salad (200 calories-I am intentionally over estimating)
Lean cuisine with extra veggies  (355 calories)
Chardonnay (335 calories)

Total = 990 calories

Exercise = 600

Net = 390 calories

I am ready to kill my friend. I know we are friends and I should be more loving but seriously?

She is engaged, and one of those Bridezilla types. Don't get me wrong as I am married too, but (not to be offensive) at the time (and still) I really didn't give a fuck about my wedding nor will I about anyone else's. So, her and her fiance are having 2 (yes I said 2) weddings. One in Europe (because apparently no one can come here) and one in the States. The one in the states is going to be Indian (as is her fiance), and she is so "devastated" because his parents are spending a fucking fortune, and dear little hunny bunny has minimal say in coordinating the wedding. So shut the fuck up already. Most people are lucky to get one nice wedding, and she's bitching about an extravagant second wedding?? Lets be honest...this is about wanting attention. I however, refuse to acknowledge this because I plan on not going to her wedding. I will be sick, or the car will break down at the last minute.....SOMETHING! Why do some people forget that weddings are suppose to be about loving another person, and not throwing a huge ass party for a bunch of people that will likely still find something to complain about (not to mention some won't even bring gifts). Yes I am ranting, but again-I really hate weddings.

Kay: Sweet Pea, I cannot be friends on Face Book until my hiatus ends which won't be until I am in the 130s, but I am trying very hard everyday. Even today because normally when I have wine I pig out, but not today.

I am chillaxin with some kava kava tea. Planning for a massage tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go back on a liquid diet. I am trying to do this every other day. I found these awesome juices (I will post brand some other time after I look again). The whole bottle is 540 calories so I just drink that all day and then go work out. It's awesome. No fuss no muss type of thing.

Good to be back. 

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