Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby I'm Ready to Go

Ok- weight not perfect, but at least back down to where I use to be. Probably fucking that up tonight, but I had a god awful day at work. Thank you very fucking much Dr. Bee-yotch.

All the same-wonderful to read everyones blog. About me- have been doing more than 1 hour of cardio a day without bingeing. Prozac is working ok I suppose, but probably too early to tell. Sadly, drinking booze tonight, but it's because of work shit. If I had a "regular" job, then I would quit tomorrow, but sadly it's more complicated than that :(   Fifteen more months....I can do it. I can be sane (pseudo-sane) for 15 months. I could go on and on about job shittiness  as I have barely scratched the surface, but I am hoping for resolution so I will hold off on bitching.

Hope everyone is doing well. I feel truly giddy to be back.

Sadly, I am on call tomorrow (yes again dammit!). Stole a bunch of sugar free Red Bull from work so that's good at least.

Happy to be back. Missed absolutely everyone. Wish my weight was lower, but at least it is what it was.
I love you all. I have missed everyone so much. I have been smiling as I typed! 

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