Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dollar Dollar Bills

Ok-desperate time call for desperate measures.

Which means I will start the Master Cleanse tomorrow (yes- on a call day. Believe it.) I have done this for about a week in the past. Not too fun. It's hard to pull off in public situations. I.E. my job.

At any rate that's what the plan is. Master cleanse until next Tuesday. After that I am making up my own diet. Regarding calories this is my plan per day:









I know 1000+ seems like a lot, but it's the average. PLUS- I think it will keep me from bingeing, and not trash my metabolism. AND- after the master cleanse I'll take any solids!!!

Potential pitfalls-

Working out: however, I have been questioning if I have too much muscle mass because for the amount I weigh I feel like I should wear a much larger size, but I wear size 6-8. Don't get me wrong- far from zero. However, muscle weighs more than fat. So, I don't want more fat, but maybe I need less muscle. I think my current work out schedule (5 days of 1 hour cardio and 2 days 1 hour yoga) will probably be a bit much. No more high intensity. I will still go to the gym, but need to take it super easy. Plus I will start lifting weights (triceps and shoulders only) as it will totally make my arms look better.


I need a fake food plan for work. We have a lunch meeting almost every day. The only thing I can think of is "salad". As in eat lettuce that has toppings (not cheese or dressing, but maybe lunch meat), and ignore the toppings. Also 50-60 calorie soup packets. If I add too much water it looks like a ton of soup. Especially the 60 calorie one because it is opaque.


Obviously, every other day won't be a problem. On problem days I think salad will work as well as whatever. Sadly, it's so easier to say I ate too much for lunch and the hubby will totally understand as he is very weight/appearance oriented about himself. He won't give me a hard time until I get into the one-teens. However, until then "hawla!!"

When I am alone:

The biggest challenge. I think the biggest help will be online video thinspo, and leaving my debit card at home. Can't stop and buy junk if you can't pay for it. I am lucky that if I have an emergency then I can call hubby.

Maybe next time I will rant about work some. We'll see. Either way, I have a real bride-zilla on my hands and go back and forth between stabbing her or stabbing myself. I am kidding of course, but I am sure you get my point.

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  1. Damn! I don't know what I was thinking. 1100 and 1000 calories. I don't think so. I don't know what I was thinking when I typed that!