Saturday, April 2, 2011

Deuce deuce

Go figure. New low weight so lets sabotage it. Took friend out to celebrate new pregnancy. Thought about the salad and ordered the hamburger. Shared the appetizer...some creamy seafood thing on fried (yes-fucking-fried) pita. 2 margaritas and 2 beers.

I am going to be positive. Tomorrow I will hit the gym for two hours then rest and run on the treadmill at home for one hour then do an hour on the reformer  at home. I ruined all my work completing lemonade party #2, but just took a handful of laxies to try to balance out (yes, pathetic I know).

Juice diet tomorrow which is going to suck with all the working out.

Preggers really enjoyed our little get together so that's fun. Ugh-babies. I'm at that age where everyone is having kids and how could I possibly understand. Ummm....I work 80 hours a week taking care of tons of people. Believe it or not I think I understand. I don't even like most of these people, but I'm guessing moms love their babies. Maybe they don't freakin' understand.

I am all about stay at home moms, but it is what it is. I have another friend with 2 parasites who stays at home, and she never has time for anything. This baffles me. I work all the G.D. time and I still manage to make it work without a maid. I manage to cook every night, and get my fat ass to the gym. Go figure!

Ok Ok I am being rude and offensive, but some of us will be the bread winners of the family unit. We don't take kindly to being told that we don't understand. Maybe they don't understand.

I'm looking for a hobby. I have no hobbies, and feel like this would be beneficial to my wellbeing. I use to make jewelry, but now I cringe at the thought. I'm thinking about sewing (also use to knit, but have zero desire presently). I don't feel excited about anything but being off from work, and when I lose weight....not exactly hobby material. I don't know how to sew, but I love the idea of making my own clothes.

I spent a fortune today. I am going to be in trouble tomorrow but fuck it. The beauty store had buy 2 get 1 free nail polish. Plus, I spent more at a repeat trip to the grocery store. Not to mention preggers dinner and gifts.

Top 5 places I would like to visit:
1. India
2. Antartica (thought about applying for a job)
3. Ecuador
4. Turkey
5. Ireland

Places I have been:
-Czechoslovakia (before the split)
-Multiple Caribbean Islands (if they count)

Obviously I mean foreign places. I have been all over the USA. I am an army brat.

My Lady Gaga "Pray for Japan" bracelet came today. Yay. My parents also sent hubby and I a wonderful anniversary gift. Edible Art---it's these pretty fruit arrangements. 4 years total. We have been together since 2002. Sometimes I wish I was single, but only for simplification. I know I am nuts, and it's probably hard for hubby, but he tolerates it. I think he is hanging in there for the doctor pay but I could be wrong.

At least the sex is good. 

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