Saturday, April 2, 2011

Contemplating a Twofer

I might post twice today. It's so early and I am home by myself, but feel like blogging now so we'll see.

I'm thinking of repeating the lemonade party too. I will definitely work out first this time. Last time I felt like I was going to crap myself and had to leave the gym early. I don't feel like going to the gym today. I am getting ready to force myself to go change, but I am dreading it. It is insanely monotonous.

After that I am going to the beauty supply store to look at nail polish. I want to get a pedicure today, but "friend" wants to go later in the week. Our house (which is super duper old--105 years) is really freakin cold today. I really don't know what to do with myself today so I will probably drive around aimlessly with one of the dogs as my company.

I think I have arthritis in one of my toes. It really aches. I don't know why I am sharing this, but I guess it's really depressing to think of having arthritis. I am turning 30 this month. I have mixed feelings. I know aging will give me more respect in my profession. BUT- I still don't want to get old(er).

Summary: I absolutely don't know what to do with myself today, but must avoid stuffing my fat face at all costs. 

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